Grab Four Free Shirts In GTA Online This Week

If you were expecting new content to hit Grand Theft Auto Online this week, we're afraid you'll be disappointed. However, to make up for the lack of any new vehicles or game modes, Rockstar has doubled down on the double reward bonuses and log-in rewards.

Rockstar has given players the means to make some serious GTA$ this week if they are up for a bit of hustling.

All Contact Missions are paying out double RP and cash rewards, making the usual grind worth twice the profit. Contact Missions are numerous and varied so you needn't worry about getting sick of playing the same thing over and over again. Offered by characters familiar from the single-player mode, Contact Missions make up the bulk of GTA Online's storyline.


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Dispatch Series and Premium Repo Work missions are also offering double rewards if you want to mix things up a bit. A pair of Adversary modes are also on offer. If you play a few rounds of Occupy or Hardest Target this week, you'll be making a killing - and lobbies are bound to be full.

Players who log into GTA Online this week will unlock not one but four exclusive in-game t-shirts, all with an After Hours theme. The Dixon Glitch Logo Tee, the Tale Of Us Afterlight Tee, the White The Black Madonna Tee and the White Solomun Tee will all be added to your wardrobe.

In line with this After Hours theme, one of this week's discounts is a 100% discount on all drinks at Nightclubs. That's right - all drinks are on the house. This means you'll be able to go on a Macbeth marathon without any feelings of guilt for all the wasted (?) money.

Incidentally, Nightclubs are available at a 40% discount and all Nightclub renovations are 30% off. To truly benefit from a Nightclub, you'll need the warehouse upgrade which completely transforms how players approach jobs - these too are 30% off. A number of vehicles, including the Oppressor MKII, are also discounted.

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