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Get A Free Executive Office In GTA Online This Week

One of Grand Theft Auto Online's most formative updates was Further Adventures In Finance And Felony, which introduced the often reused business gameplay loop. Newer players may not have had the chance to dive into this content yet, but now Rockstar is giving everyone a chance to experience CEO Work. New missions have also been added to the Repo Work selection, and there's a new log-in reward on the books.

Most of GTA Online's major DLCs in the past few years were essentially a new riff on the basic formula introduced by Further Adventures in Finance And Felony, itself an evolution or sequel to Executives And Other Criminals - we're digging into ancient history here. This update introduced the idea of a major, DLC-specific property, the purchase of which would be required to experience the content. That property was the Executive Office.

Once among the most expensive things in GTA Online, buying an Executive Office isn't particularly difficult these days, but newer players may prioritize other, newer properties like night clubs and bunkers. This week, all players can claim the Maze Bank West Executive Office, giving you free access to all of the CEO content introduced in that update. If you missed out on it so far, it's time for a history lesson.

Additional missions have also been added to the Premium Deluxe Repo Work lineup. Burn Rate tasks you with stealing a fire truck to put out the flames threatening Simeon's product, while Simeonomics has you boosting high end imported black market cars straight out of a cargo plane. Due to these new additions, the double RP and GTA$ bonus on Repo Work is still in effect.

The bonuses don't end there. All Gunrunning sell missions pay out double cash through the 15th of May, and all Special Vehicle Races and G-Rating Versus Missions will reward you with twice as much RP and money during the same period. The free Executive Office is joined by an exclusive Warstock cap.

A massive selection of items is discounted this week. If you got a taste for high-end criminal work thanks to your free Executive Office, maybe you'll be more inclined to get an upgrade to a Facility with the properties and their renovations being 40% off. Facilities grant access to The Doomsday Heist content. Additionally, all 10-car garages are 50% off, while all vehicle and weapon workshops are 30% off.

A bevy of vehicles are also on offer. You can grab classics like the Karin Armored Kuruma for 30% off, the HVY Insurgent Pick-Up Custom with a 40% reduction, or the Pfister Neon with a 35% discount, among others. You can also pick up Body Armor and Ammo at for 35% less than usual , and all Doomsday Heist clothing items at 30% off.


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  1. I can’t purchase it, I go to the phone in game, go to west maze bank & I see it for free, but I get a message saying it cannot be purchased

    1. “You can’t purchase this office at this time” - I can’t seem to but it anytime

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