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Forza Horizon 4 Meets GTA 5

Racing games have always had a kind of kinship with Grand Theft Auto due to the latter's heavy focus on cars and the prominence of racing in its gameplay, even if at their core these are two different beasts.

Plenty of times in the past have the trailers of various racing games, Forza in particular, been remade using GTA 5's Rockstar Editor utility. And now Forza Horizon 4's E3 trailer has received the treatment.

The recreation comes courtesy of RavenwestR1, who is responsible for some of the previous trailer recreations as well.

The perfect, scene-for-scene recreation uses the Overflod Autarch as a representation of the McLaren used in the first half of the original footage with other cars like the Weeny Issi appearing later on.

Other scenes are shot in the same way with different objects standing in as representation, meaning RavenwestR1 did not use any asset mods, only those which helped create the video itself.

Every single camera angle, vehicle placement, movement and scene is a perfect representation which must have been painstaking to get right.

A side by side comparison of the original trailer and the recreation in GTA 5 shows just how much attention to detail went into this video, and if someone were to watch it from a distance they might think it is the same video playing side by side.

The season transitions are particularly impressive and the selection of locations across the GTA 5 map to fit each shot add to the authenticity. Working with the limitations of the game and not resorting to mods shows just how dedicated to their craft the creator was.

Trailer recreations have a long history in the GTA community, ranging from the serious 1:1 remakes to parodies. The Rockstar Editor, introduced with the Enhanced Edition of GTA 5, is an in-game video recording and editing tool that allows players to gain control over almost every aspect of their scenes with prop spawning and the ability to change character models.

PC version only mods, geared specifically for in-game video production, are also available, resulting in the GTA 5 fan video community being highly active.


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