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Flight Week Soars Into GTA Online

This week's Grand Theft Auto Online event is all about flying high. Flight Week is filled with aviation-themed bonuses and discounts giving the best pilots of Los Santos a shot at earning big. Various double rewards promotions are joined by login rewards.

Several game modes which involve the use of aircraft have been collated into an in-flights smorgasbord of double RP and GTA$ payouts. On this re-heated menu is Stockpile, Top Fun, Air Force Zero and G-Rating. These modes test your skills as a pilot and a dogfighter, while one even involves some on-the-ground pursuits. If you are comfortable with GTA 5's flying controls, you have the chance to earn top dollar with this selection, unless you re-enact a scene from Air Crash Investigations.

Any players who log into GTA Online this week will receive not just one, but two limited-run exclusive t-shirts, which are oddly enough not flight related. Both red and blue variants of the Class of 98 tee, which was featured in the game previously, will be added to your virtual wardrobe automatically.

The discounts this week are also focused on aircraft.

Hangars, which not only store your planes but unlock Smugger's Run content, are half price all week, as are all renovations and the workshop upgrade. Additionally, there is a 40% discount on a wide range of aircraft including the Bombushka, the Hydra, the Lazer, the Blimp and the Strikeforce.

Players can also earn some free cash in GTA Online and Red Dead Online by paying extra attention to the security of their accounts. If you have already enabled 2-step verification, or do so now, you'll get a care package of GTA$ 500,000 plus an additional 10 gold bars in Red Dead Online. While protecting your account should be incentive enough on its own, the extra free money should push anyone still on the edge.

Check back next week to learn about the upcoming event.


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