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Once you have a Heists team make sure you check out our guide!
In order to do Online Heists in GTA V you need team-mates. The problem is, unless you have an organized crew, you’ll probably spend a lot of time in lobbies waiting for randoms to join up with, and then when enough other players finally do join, they’ll be unreliable, you may not like playing with them, and ultimately they’ll only add to your frustrations! Ideally you want to be matched up with other players of a similar (or greater) skill level who are focused on the same missions and goals as you.

That’s why we created this page. The idea is that you leave a Disqus comment below with your system (ie PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PC), timezone, associated gamertag and also let everyone know which missions in particular you’re interested in. You should also list the split you want (or are proposing).

Other players can then visit this page, reply to your comment and add you as a contact on the relevant system. Just make sure you sort the comments below by date in order to get the most recent entries and access to players who want to play.

That should be about it – the rest is up to you guys… If you want to find a Heists team leave your nickname, platform and other info below and wait for other like-minded individuals to get in touch. Just don’t forget to check out our Heists Guide too!

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  1. Hi i am looking for active crews to do all heist, include Doomsday heist too. Also (Bunker) gunrunning job will be good.

    (Console PS4)

    Asia Time Zone

    Online on most of the weekdays
    9am To 12pm
    3pm To 5pm
    10pm To 2am

    Send me a friend request and Quote
    “(Heist Crew)”
    I will accept soonest and we shall start $$Grinding on the heist.


  2. Ps4. Looking for people to do heist (original and doomsday) including setups, CEO work, bunker and hanger work as well. I’ll help with whatever you need on top of splitting heist takes fairly. My gamer tag is thedudeabides_33. Just friend me and add some5hing about this post on discus. I’m in the central time zone. Thanks

  3. I’m on ps4 and would really love to have someone to help me on heists or just making extra money. My gamer tag is Tree_Trunks93 would really appreciate it if I get some help:)

  4. currently on Xbox 360, but will be getting the Xbox One S at the end of the month. I would love to meet new people and do heists / jobs with them :). I have a pretty big GTA online rank (my level is something over 1,300 haha) & My gamertag is Squiggles38

  5. I’m on Xbox one S and I need people to do heist and VIP and CEO missions with. My Gamer tag is MithunGaming. Thanks in advance.

  6. Mountain time zone Xbox one, share an account with my buddy and one of us is pretty much always playing. Looking for a crew to do any of the heists but in particular need team for humane labs. Gamertag JABIRD82

  7. I need people to roll with to finish up heists and do CEO and VIP missions. Treehouse079 is my gamer tag. I’m usually on weekdays and am in the mountain time zone. This is for PS4

  8. Hey id like a crew to help me do heists n stuff if u can help me my gametag is Spine_Breaker03 for ps3 im not the best but my level is 125. Thanks.

  9. hi i m looking for good players to do the pacific standard heist (unlimited times) and mastermind challenge (on PC). My nickname is adisopitos88

  10. Hey Im looking for some people with mics preferably, to do heist with on PS4. My gamertag is STEAL_YO_KILL
    Ill be on mid day and later tonight. Just shoot me a msg or friend request

  11. Looking for people to do the set ups and heists with on XBOX 360. Will split 25% 4 ways. ChiefSquatch420

  12. Lookong for Xbox1 players to join a crew, mc and do heists over the next few days! On the second mission but wanting to go for 10 mill bonus! Need people who can play and have headsets! (Preferably adults) RastaRico81

  13. Looking for reliable teammates who stay focused on the mission and don’t take long breaks. Would be nice to find some adults (with headsets) that know each mission already.

    System: PS4
    Tag: Konumdrum

    As a side note, I had a level 114 prior to by son deleting my toon. R* was unable to recover it so I had to start over, i’m a level 16 now (once again… sigh).

  14. Xbox one, irregular times because of work and life in general but SoVivid6 message me there just say gta and I’ll add you, looking to do heists and corporation stuff etc

  15. I am looking for people who have completed the humane raid specifically the deliver EMP and know how to do it. I am on Xbox one and my gamer tag is Fir3r3ds Fire and I am in the us mountain time zone

  16. pleas anyone that has a ps4 add chevyman737 I love doing the heist and if interested I do other jobs such as steal the cars for maze bank and then sell them for a profit I could use help on that so please add me thanks


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