Fan Made GTA: Vice City Remaster In RAGE Engine Shown Off In New Screenshots

While there are a couple of rumors floating around that GTA 6 may be set in Vice City, you don't need to wait eons for the next game in the series to return to the iconic neon-soaked location, with better visuals this time.

RevTeam, a group of modders set on remaking Vice City in the RAGE engine, just released new screenshots and revealed their plans for the immediate future.

Called GTA: Vice City 2 - a dangerously lawyer attracting name! - despite being a remake, not a sequel, this total conversion mod takes the entirety of Vice City and transplants it into the version of the RAGE engine used in GTA 4. While hardly the peak of modern graphics - GTA 4 was released in 2008 - this is still a step up from the original visuals.


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Since these are modders we are talking about, you can expect significantly better graphics than the stock game had. RAGE supports all sorts of ENB mods and GTA 4 has been visually enhanced by the community extensively, and all that expertise is being pumped into Vice City 2 to make sure it looks top notch even today.

While RevTeam isn't ready to unveil a final release date yet, a playable demo is planned to be released sometime in 2020, and right now the visuals and scripts are being polished, so we can expect a few gameplay videos before the demo itself drops.

A bit too 90's to fit into the 80's setting, but this is just a tech demo at this point.

GTA: Vice City 2 is a completely free project, but even so we think it runs the risk of getting shut down by Take-Two, parent company of Rockstar Games. Despite not being a commercial product, AAA game publishers have a tendency to go after fan-made remasters, sequels and total conversion mods like this. Let's see what happens.

Otherwise, it seems that GTA: Vice City 2 will give players the chance to relive Tommy Vercetti's misbegotten adventures in not-Miami.


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