Fake GTA Online DLC Leak Season Has Begun

Here we go again. Remember that rather dreadful two-to-three month span in the autumn of last year where every two days a new GTA V or Online DLC “leak” happened and every unimaginative YouTuber made a dozen “NEW DLC CONFIRMED” videos? Remember how things got so bad that much of the community practically mobbed up on data miners? Granted, it later (much later) turned out that a small fraction of the leaks were actually correct. Info coming from reputable data miners was all good with the clickbaity “leakers” being the ones spreading falsehood.

GTA V Youtubers wet dream

Well, if a recent leak which was swiftly debunked is anything to go on, then the short period of consistently solid leaks is coming to an end.

The envoy of this new dark age originated from GTAForums but was reposted to Reddit. A users whose identity is unknown posted “information” he got from someone who allegedly hacked their way into Rockstar’s restricted dev forums. The leak suggests that the next big GTA Online DLC will, among others, add 58 new missions, 2 new locations, 14 weapons, 10 cars, 3 bikes, 2 helicopters, 4 planes and 2 boats including a new yacht.

Liberty City being added to GTA Online is another popular - but very fake - "leak".
Liberty City being added to GTA Online is another popular – but very fake – “leak”.


People believed that. Since then the leak has been confirmed to be fake by the poster himself, possibly after the less dim-witted members of the community ousted him for riling things up. It’s rather unfortunate that even with the dark times of the autumn past many people still believe every “leak” out there. This gives these fake leakers an audience and this being the internet, that’s all they need.

We can only hope that this rather pathetically grandiose attempt at trolling the community is not a harbinger of doom, a glimpse of things to come – but we’ve learned to expect the worse. It’s time to stack up on salt, guys. We’re going to need a lot of grains.

Have you guys ever fallen for an obviously faked GTA V DLC “leak”?

Aron Gerencser
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