Facing the Police Now Makes Sense In GTA V

You know how if you've gotten yourself a wanted star in GTA V, and you're being hunted by the police? Then if you start picking the pesky buggers off, they just call in more dudes, and your wanted level goes up? Further, no matter if you wipe every copper out and there is no way anyone could report your location, they still home in on you and send even more cannon fodder?


Finally, after you've mowed down a few thousand of the poor sods, they'll just keep coming? But then if you drive at a brisk pace in the opposite direction for a minute or two, all is forgiven and forgotten?

Not very realistic, is it now?



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Not that killing several dozen police officers and getting away with it is, but is sure as heck makes engaging the law enforcement in the game less superfluous. The Police Killer mod, with a name that will undoubtedly spark controversy down the line, introduces a system wherein the number of pursuing cops is limited to a few at any given time, and if you eliminate all of your pursuers before more arrive, your wanted level is erased. This because, theoretically, there is no one left to call in reinforcements, and the guys back at HQ have no way of tracking your movements.

Sure, it ignores much of the additional police procedure that happens in real life to avoid just this. But hey, it's a game and this is a mod. It just gives you reason to fight instead of fly. You can set the difficulty level, which dictates how many cops can be on your tail at any given moment.


The mod indicates the location of nearby police units, as well as how many you still need to eliminate before they lose track of you and you lose your wanted level. Do you guys wish engaging the cops had more justification in GTA V to begin with?


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