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Epic GTA V Semi Truck Stunts Return


Long, long ago we reported on some seriously insane stunts performed in GTA V using semi trucks. These stunts involved driving a semi up a ramp, catching air, de-attaching the trailer, flipping the truck, landing, and having the trailer land in a way that it re-attaches to the semi. We also showcased a number of other extremely impressive GTA V stunts involving large, cumbersome vehicles.

Well, the daredevil behind those feats has now returned for yet again another epic stunt using a semi, pulled off in GTA V. Once again involving the trailer and some flight, Blacksmoke Billy decided to add explosives to the mix this time around, because, you know, his stunts weren't visually impressive enough until now, after all.

What we see below is as follows: Man enters truck. Man equips C4. Man Drives truck. Man begins seeping pure testosterone through all cavities. Man throws C4. Man detaches trailer from truck. C4 explodes. Trailer flies into air. Trailer goes above overpass. Trailer lands on truck. Trailer re-attaches. Sunglasses materialize on man's face.

I mean, this might not quite be up to the caliber of actual time travel in GTA V, but it sure as hell comes in as a close second coolest thing in GTA ever.

Granted, Billy did use some mods for this stunt which ruins the magic a tad. He used an invincibility mod to prevent the C4 from destroying the truck when it detonates, he used a down-scaled nuke mod to pack enough explosive power into the sticky bomb to send the trailer flying, and he reduced the weight of the trailer to a measly 10 grams so that it is light enough to fly. Even so, this is still an extremely impressive GTA V stunt.

What as the coolest stunt any of you guys pulled off in GTA V?


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