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Electrify GTA V With This Superpower Mod

Mods and cheats which augment your GTA 5 character's skills and abilities are aplenty, with fans of popular superhero franchises adapting the iconic powers of their favorite metahumans to GTA V. Be it the Hulk's super strength, Iron Man's armor or Batman's sleek black rides, superheroes are well represented in the game.

However, original superpower mods, or at least ones that are not based on and existing IP, are rare. Granted, considering how extensive both the Marvel and DC universes are, and adding to that all superheroes who are not part of either line up, more or less every conceivable superpower has already been done.

Kurt2467's Electric Man mod adds yet another name (well, technically three) to the long list of high voltage heroes. With a skill set most resembling that of the protagonist from the Infamous franchise.

With this mod, each three protagonists get unique, electricity themed super powers. You can shock your enemies, push and pull objects, make vehicles explode, and punch with superhuman strength. You won't be able to rely on these abilities indefinitely, as you have a finite energy level. This can be replenished by draining the batteries of vehicles.

The mod also adds a new method of travel. It allows you to transform into a ball of pure energy, thus moving significantly faster than on foot, or even in most vehicles. You can switch between travel mode and normal mode at will, allowing for some daring escapes.

The mod has some pretty flashy effects, though we'd love to see some collaboration with the mastermind behind the particle gun for some truly awe-inspiring super heroics.


Some of you may want to cry bloody murder and claim that moving objects and throwing lightning around takes more inspiration from the Force than it does from regular superpowers. However, do remember that electricity based heroes from both Marvel and DC universes can indeed move objects with their power.

What other kinds of super powers would you like to see modded into GTA V?


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