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At the start of the game in story mode (single player), the price of the eCola stock is around $3-6 per share. Later on, it reaches $125-140 per share. This makes it an excellent choice if you want to make money from the stock market in GTA V. For example, if you buy 25,000 shares at the start of the game, it will cost you $75,000-150,000, but you’ll be able to sell them later on for $3,125,000-3,500,000.


Play through the story missions until you reach “Friend Request,” the first mission Lester gives to Michael, where you go after Jay Norris, the founder of Lifeinvader. Before you start this mission, build up enough money to buy shares of eCola.

This will take a while, so determine how much time you’re willing to spend and how great a profit you want to earn, in order to decide the number of shares to buy.


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To earn money, you can complete races as Franklin and rob armored trucks as Michael. Two armored trucks you definitely want to target are the ones in Little Seoul near the Burger Shot and at the Ammu-Nation parking lot in Paleto Bay. At these locations, the men with the suitcase will already be outside of the truck.

Once you’ve bought as many shares of eCola as you want, continue playing.

When you switch to Trevor, you’ll have another chance. He starts with $100,000, so use that to purchase additional shares of eCola, which should be priced at $4-6 dollars per share.

Continue to play the game and keep an eye on eCola’s price. When it crosses $125 per share, you’ll be able to sell yours for a large profit! If you have any stock tips of your own please comment below.

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  1. There's always something I miss early on. I have about 10 slots saved at different parts of the game, so this time, maybe I can do it right.....this will be probably my 88th thousand attempt

  2. one tip to get money is to buy life invaders stocks right after you blow up jay norris. dont wait for lesters message because then he stocks have raised about 30 percent. if you buy it then wait some time and sell these like lester says: buy low sell high

  3. I heard if you shoot the guy at ammu-nation from doorway then take money from register then walk three cars away and walk back in the Money re-spawn!
    Works everytime if done right.


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  4. I heard if you shoot the guy at ammu-nation from doorway then take money from register then walk three cars away and walk back in the Money re-spawn!
    Works everytime if done right.

  5. Not working for me... Started the game over and the whole time the price for eCola has been no less than 100... Help!

    1. just pick the cheapest, will probably be on bawsaq, when it looses its steady growth, prepare to switch to the next cheapest

      1. revisit;

        look for the most depriciated stock on LCN, i started a new game last week, i found Dollar Pils [DOP] its rock-bottom was 0,89, i didnt fool around much and played all missions upto Caida Libre from madrazo its now worth 4.9
        After Caida Libre you will loose control over trevor&micheal for a while, so its wise to be prepared

  6. I think the market is a lil different each time I've played thru once all the way then played a lil bit then restarted again it seems every time it's a lil bit different stock prices and when they go up and down stuff like that

    1. Mine are the same way at the very beginning of the game, Ecola and Merryweather are around $100 +/-. I think they might have patched it. I have Xbox1 and had to download an update a week or so ago.

  7. I'm tired of of these steps you have to do in order to make money way can't there be a faster way i just want to be a billionaire but fast and easy not were you have to do this and that any tips I would really appreciate thanks.

    1. Here's a few tips! Stay out of dark allys at night. Dont pee in to the wind and never trust someone with a first name for ther last name and dont be gay cause it'll get u beat up.

      Cheerz from Blizters_frum_ur_sisterz... Dont quit poppin!!!

    2. I'm actually trying this right now. I've beat the game and now am playing through again. This time focusing on stock market when doing assassinations and missions. Apparently there's a case with 25K in the ocean off the western coast. if a ran a line straight to the west where the residences in the hills end and become mountains that approximate location. Something to look into.

  8. This stock tip is true. As long as you dont go to Lesters house in the hills Ecola stock is cheap. Also Merryweather (MER) is around $3-$5 per share as well... profit will increase to around +289% later..

    1. Recently got the call from Lester, Haven't done any mission for him and the eCola stock price is 142.11 This Stock tip is false!

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