Earn Double With Repo Work In GTA Online This Week

This week's Grand Theft Auto Online bonuses were announced earlier this week, but drowned by the hype surrounding official confirmation of the upcoming Casino DLC.

With multiple ways to earn big and a lot of discounts on offer, Rockstar is giving players a chance to stock up before an undoubtedly expensive DLC arrives.

Simeon's job offers recently expanded with Premium Deluxe Repo Work Missions in a minor update, and taking on these repossession jobs will pay out twice the usual GTA$ and RP rewards. There are plenty missions available, all fairly varied, so the grind won't feel like a slog.


Another new set of activities is similarly paying out double. The recently added Missile Base Series which brings several Adversary Modes to the bunker setting introduced back in Gunrunning is granting players double RP and cash through the 19th of June. Finally, all Bodyguards and Associated earn double the usual salary.

There's no log-in reward this week for players, no new shirt or livery to unlock simply by playing the game. To be fair, Rockstar doubled the number of shirts they gave away each week recently, so they did technically work up a surplus of sorts.

Instead, there are some exciting discounts to take advantage of. While we'd recommend that you start to save up for whenever the Casino DLC will be released - it's never too early to start putting GTA$ aside - some of these offers are too good to pass up.

Several vehicles are 40% off, including the fearsome B-11 Strikeforce, the Akula, the Pegassi Tezeract, the Pegassi Tempesta and the infamous Mammoth Hydra. Additionally, all Engine Upgrades, Brakes, Handling, Transmission, Turbo, Suspension and Spoiler upgrades are all discounted by 30% this week.

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Aron Gerencser
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