Earn Double On Select GTA Online Heists

Rockstar is bringing back a Grand Theft Auto Online promotion that we haven't seen in a very long time this week: double payouts on Heists.


Joining this new promo is another way to earn big and a wide selection of discounts giving you the perfect temptation to blow all that hard-earned heist money on. Take a look what this week's event has in store.

The main attraction is, without a doubt, the double RP and GTA $ rewards for select heists. Not all missions for all heists are included in the deal, so keep an eye out what you commit your time to.


Both set-up missions - Scope Out and Kuruma - as well as the finale of The Fleeca Job are in on the deal, as is the full Prison Break sequence including Plane, Bus, Station, Wet Work and the finale. The Act 1 Finale of the Doomsday Heist, The Data Breaches, is the last heist joining the double reward lineup.

Admittedly, heists can be tough to organize and take a mighty long time to complete. Plus if you don't have a group set to go, teaming up with random players can quickly make you feel like that double payout isn't worth it (even though, statistically, randos aren't as egregious as the community would have you think).

In this case, you can always fall back on Simeon's contact missions, which also pay out twice as much cash and RP as usual. Not as lucrative as heists, granted, but it comes with much less hassle for sure.

Heists are one of the best ways to earn GTA$ in the game, especially if you haven't yet had the chance (or capital) to invest in any one of the many business opportunities the game offers. Doubling those already great payouts mean you'll be loaded with dough in no time, and GTA Online is all about owning the shiniest toys.

As such, the extensive list of discounted items that Rockstar is offering this week will help relieve your virtual wallet of its newfound weight. We mentioned investing in businesses - the sale helps out with that exact venture. Hangars used for Smuggler's Run missions and Executive Offices which are necessary for CEO work are both 50% off.

Executive Offices start at GTA$ 1 million on normal pricing, however a GTA$ 500,000 starting investment looks a lot less frightening and is absolutely worth what you get in return. CEO work is the perfect introduction to businesses in GTA Online and still earns well - this is, after all, the gameplay model upon which all subsequent businesses were based.

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Facilities, which in turn give you access to The Doomsday Heist content - such as The Data Breaches - are 40% off. The slightly lower discount paired with higher prices mean that Facilities still may not be the most attractive option for relatively fresh players who find themselves newly rich, but this makes sense since The Doomsday Heist is the closest thing GTA Online has to true end-game content.

Less substantial discounts include a half-price sale on all bulletproof helmets as well as Street, Light and Heavy Combat Heist outfits. The latter are essential equipment for anyone embarking on heisting and not using it is a typical sign of a green player - or an overconfident one.

Rockstar Games is paying a small homage to the ongoing World Championship by allowing players to represent their homeland on the cheap (as odd an interpretation of patriotic sentiment as that is) by halving the prices of Yacht country flags, and country flag Parachute bags.

A number of vehicles offered by Warstock and Southern San Andreas Super Autos are 30% off - these include the Cheval Taipan, the Overflod Autarch, the Karin Kuruma and its armored variant, the Lampadati Casco and the Prison Bus. The flying Imponte Deluxo is also discounted, however by a lower 25%.

These double payouts on heists are yet another method, in a surprisingly long list of ways, that Rockstar has helped us pad out our GTA Online wallets, which usually means some larger DLC is on the horizon.

A nightclub-themed DLC is rumored to be coming sometime this summer, and usually the summer months are indeed when Rockstar releases major updates. Stay tuned for any news regarding upcoming content.

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