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Earn Double And Triple On Select Missions In GTA Online

Rockstar really wants Grand Theft Auto Online players to be financially prepared for the upcoming nightclub themed DLC. Officially announced yesterday, the reveal of the major update is now being followed up by a weekly event offering some ridiculously generous promotions to help you rack up that GTA$.

Businesses are some of the best ways to earn money in GTA Online, even if some are more lucrative than others. This week, players can earn twice as much RP and GTA$ with Smuggler's Run, Bikers Business sell and Special Cargo sell missions.

Smuggler's Run and Special Cargo sell missions are among the better earning business activities, while you need to make sure you have the right Bikers business (meaning cocaine) to truly make big bucks.

Established players who have access to all three of these business types might want to put a bit of effort into timing and calculating how to put together a well-oiled activity loop. If you synchronize your cooldowns in a way that you can deal with one business while the other two are on a timer you can maximize the amount of GTA$ you'll earn for each hour of playtime.

With a highly efficient schedule including all three business types, making use of this double reward promo will help you earn fat stacks of cash leading up to the release of the undoubtedly expensive nightclub DLC. Rockstar has been buttering up the community with some of the best double reward bonuses and free cash giveaways for weeks now, so you can bet that the content of the next update will cost fortunes.

Joining these business ventures is GTA Online's take on the Battle Royale genre, the Adversary Mode Motor Wars. Running on a double reward scheme through the 28th of June, it will take things even higher with a shorter period of triple RP and GTA$ during the weekend, ending on the 2nd of July. Additionally, all Bunker Research projects have a 2x speed boost.

With all these bonuses running, earning back the investment of jumping into one or more of these businesses won't be difficult. Rockstar has made this prospect even more enticing by slapping discounts on the special properties required to engage in these criminal activities.

Hangars (used for Smuggler's Run), Executive Offices (used for CEO work and Special Cargo), Special Cargo Warehouses (also necessary for Special Cargo sell missions), Vehicle Warehouses, Biker Clubhouses and Biker Businesses (both needed for the latter) are all half-priced while the event lasts.

The high initial investment is what denotes these businesses in GTA Online as the field of experienced players, however with all the promotions in the past and these discounts running now, a much wider range of players will be able to jump into these missions and thus make use of the double GTA$ and RP bonuses.

Investing in businesses, if you haven't already, is also a great idea because it will allow you to fully enjoy the upcoming nightclub DLC, since one of the functions of your own club will be the centralized management of all your businesses from a single HQ, as opposed to the scattershot system used now where they all have their own buildings in different locations.

Though The Doomsday Heist isn't involved in any promotions currently, the Facilities that allow access to the content of that DLC are 40% off. Bringing new heists to GTA Online for the first time since the Heists DLC, The Doomsday Heist offered for the first time what passes for end-game content.

Emphasis on vehicle discounts is lesser in this week's event than it usually is, and the focus is on practicality with some vehicles on offer enabling players to access content they can't without these rides. All of the following are 30% off: Mammoth Avenger (and all renovations), Mobile Operations Center (and all cabs and renovations), Vapid GB200, Grotti X80 Proto and the Imponte Ruiner 2000.

Keep in mind that logging in this week will also make you eligible for the Guest List bonuses.


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