Earn Big With Special Cargo Missions, Adversary Modes In GTA Online

A wide variety of activities are paying out bonus rewards this week in Grand Theft Auto Online, giving players across the spectrum something to enjoy while making top dollar. There are also freebies up for grabs and your usual gamut of discounted items, so read on.

Power Play, one of the more popular Adversary Modes in the "team deathmatch but X" family, is dishing out not double but triple the usual GTA$ and RP all week long. A souped up team deathmatch with superpower pickups thrown into the mix, the outcomes of these matches depend on much more than which team has the best shooters on its roster.


For those of you who are busy running a criminal empire and don't have time to play around, there's a new way to boost those profit margins - Special Cargo Sell missions are paying out double all week, so if you are down for a bit of grinding you can stand to earn huge amounts of cash that will keep you floating for weeks - or will be enough of one DLC's worth of purchases. Either/or.

This week's Time Trials are also paying double rewards, making the net payout for achieving par time on both runs over GTA$ 600,000. Time Trials usually aren't the hottest way to make cash, but if you have the needed driving skills this is a great way to earn a bit of pocket change really quickly.

All players who log into GTA Online this week will automatically unlock the whimsical Zit logo tee for free. In case you want to become an easily spotted target at any distance with your hot pink shirt complete with a big red target just about where your heart is, this is the shirt for you.

If you've been planning to add the Ocelot XA-21 to your car collection, hold off until next week, since you might luck into one for free - this is the model spinning on the podium in the Diamond Casino, meaning if you hit the vehicle reward on the Lucky Wheel, it's yours at no cost.

To help prospective businessmen break even easily, all Special Cargo Warehouses are half price, making it easier to earn back their cost with the double rewards on Special Cargo Sell missions. You can also buy a Übermacht SC1 and Ocelot Locust at 40% off an the Emperor ETR1 at 30% off.

Aron Gerencser
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