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Drain the Sea, Create Tsunamis, or Flood Los Santos

Gta V Tsunami Mod

The PC mod community has already created a wide variety of GTA 5 mods, some of which we've highlighted here. This new mod comes with three separate functions, all of which involve water. First, you can use it to drain all the water from the sea and leave Los Santos completely dry. If you prefer more water to less, however, you can create a massive tsunami to ravage the city. Finally, you can completely flood Los Santos and turn it into Atlantis, a city entirely underwater.

The latest update to the mod allows sea life to spawn, as well. To download the "No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis Mod" and learn how to run it in GTA 5, you can find it here. To run it, you will also need to have the ASI plugin from the OpenIV, which you can find here.

So, which will it be: a dry sea, a tsunami, or an underwater city?


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