JulioNIB Brings Dragon Ball's Goku To GTA V

JuiloNIB, arguably Grand Theft Auto V's most prolific modder, responsible for a long list of superhero-inspired mods for the game, is now expanding into other pop-culture spheres for inspiration. His newest mod tackles Dragon Ball, one of the most popular manga and anime franchises ever.

Knowing his previous works, it isn't hard to guess exactly where he is taking this concept. There really is no Dragon Ball without Goku, and the mod adds him to the game. With it, you can play as the Saiyan protagonist of the series using a range of iconic abilities.

You also can't have Dragon Ball without the Kamehameha charged energy attack, and it's got to be the flashiest element of this mod in its current state (it's still a work in progress). Funny when a modder working solo manages to make a better Kamehameha than that train-wreck of a live-action movie adaptation.


Other abilities include flying (obviously), the Ki blast, destructo disc and teleportation. JulioNIB has added a nice little power selection wheel not unlike the base game's own weapon wheel. Goku's in-game model looks pretty fantastic, and is authentic to the cartoons based on the series in visual direction as well with visible black lining. We'd say it's cel shaded, but DBZ fans might misunderstand.

The flying animations look a bit dodgy in the current version, but refining them is on the developer's to-do list, as is the creation of custom melee attack animations, implementing the Ki Aura and adding other abilities including the Genki Dama.

As a W.I.P. project, this mod can only be tried out right now if you contribute to JulioNIB's Patreon, however once it is complete he will release it for download, as he did with all of his previous mods. We've featured his work extensively in the past, which includes mods such as the Iron Man armor and the Hulk.

Logan Smith

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