Drag Meets Now Available In GTA V

This is something that really should have been in GTA V from the very beginning.

Being technically-kinda-sorta illegal, these underground drag races fit perfectly in the "car-related crime" theme around which the whole GTA franchise is built. Sometimes, when an idea like this comes up, you might go like "how did Rockstar not think of this?". However, keep in mind how many things the dev team did think of, considering the sheer amount on fitting content found in GTA V. After all, adding stuff beyond that is what modding is for, right?



This particular mod adds various Drag Meet locations to the map of GTA V, as well a a number of ways the player may interact with these meets. The meets feature a wide variety of vehicles, totaling at least 50 tuned cars separated into three different categories. The NPC drivers race one another in pairs, and the player may place bets on the outcome, making this mod into a new source of income. The stats of the drivers participating are randomized, giving them different reaction times, or changing how quickly they change gears.

The ambiance and atmosphere typical of real life drag meets are facilitated by the other parked tuner cars, the cheering crowds, and the iconic countdown girl at each location. Beyond betting, players can also interact with a given meet by being a bit of a dick, meaning your character may call the police to disband the drag meet. An obvious form of player interaction hasn't been overlooked by the author, don't worry - participation in the drag races will be added in the next update.


The author does note, that the largest drag meet at the LSIA, with over 30 cars, may be a bit taxing on some PCs, as it is rather performance intensive.

Anyone keen on attending drag meets in GTA V?

Mike Roberts

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