Double RP, GTA$, and More Aug. 22-24

If you haven't already downloaded the newest update, which includes several changes and additions, you'll want to this weekend. To celebrate the release of the San Andreas Flight School Update, Rockstar is holding a special GTA Online event this weekend, from August 22-24 (Friday-Sunday).

All weekend long, you'll earn double RP and GTA$ for participating in the event playlist, as well as an exclusive parachute pack you can pick up from Ammu-Nation once you complete it (winning is not a requirement).

Air Races and Parachute Jumps will give you double GTA$, too.


In addition to these main attractions, there are many other perks this weekend:

  • Double RP if you fly under a bridge during an Air Race
  • Double RP for kills and extra GTA$ during Gang Attacks at the Los Santos Airport and Blaine County airfields
  • Locate planes and helicopters for free
  • Helicopter Pickups for only $500
  • 25% off the Del Perro Heights Apts 7 & 20 and 0120 Murrieta Heights Properties, each of which includes a 10-car garage
  • Crate Drops that contain RP, GTA$, Miniguns, RPGs, and Sticky Bombs

Rockstar is holding some special events and contests to coincide with the weekend. First, on Friday at 4 PM ET, the official Rockstar Live Stream will play through content from the San Andreas Flight Update, alongside Little & Cubed (Martyn Littlewood and Dan Nerdcubed).

And if you'd like to win some prizes this weekend, you have three options. Take photos of your adventures with the new content and tag them #FLIGHTSCHOOL for a chance to win 1 million GTA$ and a special license plate for GTA Online, in the #FLIGHTSCHOOL Snapmatic contest. If in-game photography isn't your thing, create an Air Race and tag it #FLIGHTSCHOOL for a chance to have it become a Verified Job and win $1 million GTA$ and another special license plate, in the #FLIGHTSCHOOL Creator contest.

Finally, enter the Gear Giveaway Sweepstakes for a chance to win a deluxe GTA T-shirt pack.

Interested? Ready to enjoy the San Andreas Flight School this weekend? Check out Rockstar's official announcement for the full details.

Samantha Lienhard
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