Double Down On Double Down In GTA Online This Week

Franklin and Lamar are, once again, up to no good. If you join them this week in Grand Theft Auto Online, you'll be able to make some extra cash on the side with bonus offers, and take advantage of several exciting discounts. Additionally, there are some bonuses in play for Hao's new time trials, if you are playing on the latest consoles.

The new content exclusive to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S has some weekly rotation going on. For this week's Hao's Special Works Time Trial, you'll need to speed between Del Perro Beach and Murietta Heights for the chance to take home triple RP and cash, which adds up to GTA$750,000.

Hao's Special Works Race Series, a selection of 14 high-octane tracks exclusive to the Expanded & Enhanced edition, is dealing out twice the usual RP and cash rewards this week. Additionally, with Hao's Premium Test Ride you can take out the Coil Cyclone II for a spin.


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Moving beyond the current-gen exclusives, jumping into the fray alongside - or against - Franklin and Lamar in Double Down, paying double rewards all week long. Alternatively, hit up crime boss Madrazo and earn 2x RP and GTA$ for all of his missions.

The Übermacht Sentinel XS is this week's prize ride that you can win by showing off some racing prowess, while the Annis ZR350, Karin Calico GTF, and Pfister Comet S2 are all waiting at the Test Track for a ride - and are also all discounted this week. The Pegassi Torero is up for grabs if you spin the Lucky Wheel at the Diamond Casino & Resort.

This week's bonuses don't have associated items or properties to buy, so price reductions are a bit more general rather than thematic. Discounts include the Dinka RT3000 for 30% off, the Pegassi Reaper for 30% off, the Pfister Neon for 30% off and the Bravado Hellfire Gauntlet for 30% off.


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