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Don't Try This At Home: Stopping GTA V's Trains


Like any good modern-day, open-world game with a large map containing a metropolitan area, GTA V has trains. Now, this fact alone does not amount to much - a number of games have trains. A number of games don't. Trains don't really stand out to players, and are rarely important in any way, shape or form. But then again, this is GTA V, meaning that the player base is fairly insane, meaning that like any responsible human being, what they chose to do with the train in GTA V was to stand in front of it.

Well, park in front of it, to be more exact.

Thing is, GTA V's train is unstoppable. The train isn't indestructible however, and can be wrecked, but players have yet to find a way to make it stop without damaging the vehicle. Recently, another attempt was made. Redmar Belle and a group of GTA Online players hopped into their favorite vehicles and crowded one of the tunnels the juggernaut of a train passes through. Seriously, there were a ton of cars crammed into that small space. 4x4s, trucks, sports cars, bikes, everything that could get in there went in there.

Then the silhouette of the train ominously appeared in the turn. It approached the tunnel, the driver of the first car in the barricade became so anxious he thought he was gonna puke. The train arrived and then...

Well, that's that for the vehicles, I guess. The attempt to stop the train fails so badly that the commentator's large black armored off-road vehicle is destroyed with the character in the driver's seat getting killed - presumably in a considerably gruesome manner. Well, that's one more method to add to the list of failures. The GTA V train remains unstoppable till this day.

Edit: yup, the Youtube clip has been removed... so we found this one instead

Have you ever tried stopping the train in GTA V?


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