Dixon, B-11 Strikeforce Added To GTA Online

Rockstar Games is bringing fresh beats to the Los Santos nightclub scene with a new resident DJ. They've also set the sky of Grand Theft Auto Online ablaze with an all new military aircraft.

Joining the new content is a log-in reward, more Guest List bonuses and a selection of fresh discounts to boot.

The third recruitable resident DJ, Dixon, has arrived to Los Santos. The German artist brings additional music to both your nightclub and the recently added Los Santos Underground Radio station.


The radio station also gets a new selection of tracks from last week's resident DJs, Tale of Us. The songs come from their upcoming album, Afterlight, giving GTA Online players an exclusive preview.

GTA Online's newest vehicle is a long requested one.

The aircraft it is based on should not need to be introduced to anyone, as the A-10 Warthog's iconic design has become a pop-culture staple. The B-11 Strikeforce is directly based on the Warthog, down to the firing sound of its mainline rotary gun which was copied from the GAU-8. This beast of a plane can be yours for GTA$ 3,800,000.

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Armed with missiles alongside that mean main gun, the Strikeforce lives up to its name and packs a massive punch.

If rumors of an Oppressor MK2 are to be believed, you should buy and enjoy the Strikeforce while you can because that upcoming grief machine will make your life hell.

All players who log into GTA Online this week will be treated to a free exclusive The Palace t-shirt, while Guest List members are looking at an even more substantial goodie bag. A pair of liveries for the Nightshark and Revolter are theirs to keep, while both vehicles are temporarily unlocked free of cost until the 13th of August.

Additionally, Guest List members logging in this week will get bonus GTA$ 100,000 and a Technologie t-shirt.

Once again 25% reigns supreme when it comes to discounts. Like last week, business-related properties are covered giving you a chance to acquire an Office, Hangar, Bunker, Clubhouse and all related warehouses and renovations on the cheap. On the vehicle side of things, on offer is the Havok, the Buzzard and the Sea Sparrow.

Next week will see the arrival of the final resident DJ, The Black Madonna. It will also mark a full month since the release of After Hours. Even though the huge nightclub DLC feels like it only just arrived, after a full month you can bet Rockstar has started looking to the game's future.


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