Dinka Sugoi Saunters Into GTA Online Just In Time For Valentine's Day

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and Rockstar is already rolling out some thematic bonuses in Grand Theft Auto Online for this week's event. Veteran players will recognize some of the goods from previous Valentine's Day promotions, however what's brand new is this week's DLC vehicle.

The newest car to join GTA Online's ridiculously long list of cars is the Dinka Sugoi, a distinctly Japanese design that marries design elements taken from the Honda Civic and Subaru WRX with just enough artistic license taken to ward off the lawyers.


While it's too early to tell how the Sugoi fits into the hierarchy of cars, it's certainly a looker and definitely caters to a specific subculture of car-person, so we're sure it will be popular. The price is very accommodating at GTA$ 1,224,000, and even more so at the trade price of GTA$ 918,000.

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Considering the kind of bonuses Rockstar is treating us to during Valentine's Day, coughing up the cash for the Sugoi will be more than trivial. Starting today, everyone's first successful run of the Diamond Casino Heist this week will award up to 50% more cash in the final payout, guaranteed, with a lower chance at hitting bigger payouts on subsequent playthroughs.

Additionally, the Fleeca Job, Prison Break and Series A Funding Heists are also paying out double rewards all week. If you don't actually want to work - too much, at least - for your GTA$, you're also in luck since all Nightclub income is doubled through the 19th of February. Several Adversary Modes, including Till Death Do Us Part to maintain some semblance of this being a Valentine's Day event, are giving out 2x RP and GTA$ as well.

All players who log into the game during the same period as the bonuses last will unlock a free white Albany logo tee, exclusive to this promotion. In keeping with the Valentine's theme, the Albany Roosevelt Valor, previously introduced as part of a Valentine's Day DLC, is up for grabs in the Diamond Casino if you win the vehicle prize at the Lucky Wheel.

All content previously introduced via Valentine's Day promotions are discounted this week, including both Albany Roosevelt variants, and all Valentine's clothing. Many other vehicles are also discounted, as are Facilities, High-End Apartments, Nightclubs, the Terrorbyte and all associated upgrades and add-ons. SMGs, Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles are on a 40% discount too.


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