Diamond Casino Opening In GTA Online This Summer

The Grand Theft Auto Online community is abuzz with a kind of excitement that hasn't been felt in a very long time, with the upcoming (and officially confirmed) Casino DLC returning a real sense of hype. Rockstar revealed some key art on Twitter a while ago, but now we got our first hint regarding the possible release date of the Casino update.

We now have a vague release window as well as some info regarding what we can expect in terms of content. The casino also has a name now - The Diamond Casino & Resort. It's going to be more than a gambling venue with far more opportunities for entertainment than just losing money at the tables.


Described as a "mass entertainment complex", the Diamond Resort will feature a shopping mall, the casino portion, "state-of-the-art gaming facilities" and other opulent features. In terms of gameplay, the new location will likely introduce a new in-game store with new items to purchase, and the actual building might be populated with physical shops for some of the in-universe faux brands.

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The "lavish amenities" and the overall wording has us wondering if the Casino DLC will uproot the traditional business style DLC of GTA Online, and instead of having you purchase the entire casino, operate independently. Players may be able to purchase or rent suites in the resort to use as an apartment or spawn point.

Rockstar makes specific reference to spinning the Lucky Wheel as a gambling element. The question about whether there will be any kind of gambling gameplay added in the game is open due to the issues concerning online gambling laws and the presence of microtransactions. However, it is possible that "PvP" gambling is the only thing that won't be available, while loot-box style mechanics will be present.

As for the projected release date - Rockstar stated that the Diamond Casino will open later this summer. We're guessing a late July launch, but it's possible that it will be in August.

Check back for all the newest info about the Casino update.


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