Earn Big With The Diamond Adversary Series In GTA Online This Week

The Diamond Casino & Resort is more than just a gambling venue and tantalizing heist target - it can also be an action packed battlefield if you want it to be.

This week players can earn major bonuses when playing the Diamond Adversary Series, with other promotions and discounts also on the books.

Jump into the Diamond Adversary Series, a playlist that brings all of your favorite Adversary Modes to maps located in and around the Diamond Casino & Resort. You're fighting for your life instead of chips this time around, but the rewards are the same - riches. All Diamond Adversary Series matches pay out double rewards, and there is a one-time bonus of 250,000 GTA$ for anyone who wins one of those matches!


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Last week, players favored VIP and CEO work over Bikers contracts, meaning that this week it's time to increase those profit margins with Special Cargo Sell missions. They're paying out 2x GTA$ and RP all week, as are the contact missions from Gerald's Last Play. Even if you're not in the mood for some Adversary Modes on the casino floor, there are still ways to earn big this week.

The Diamond Adversary Series isn't the only reason to visit the resort. While you're there, make sure to take your daily spins of the Lucky Wheel. If you are fortunate enough to win the vehicle reward, you'll get a free Maibatsu Penumbra FF decked out with a special livery that has some strong cyberpunk vibes.

With all of these bonuses, its clear that the Diamond management wants to keep you on the premises - after all, that's rule #1 to keep customers spending. With that in mind, Master Penthouses and all of their customizations are 30% off. Champagne is free, and Casino-exclusive clothing is half price in the store.

You can also grab some vehicles at discounted prices as well. The Armored Kuruma and Mammoth Thruster are both 40% off, while the Grotti Furia, Grotti Itali GTO, Överflöd Entity XXR and Khanjali Tank are all 30% off this week.


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