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Declasse Tulip Rushes Into GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online car collectors rejoice - or despair, depending on how much garage space and money you have - for the Declasse Tulip muscle car is now available. Alongside the new ride, a log-in reward, ways to earn extra GTA$ and some discounts await you too.

When thinking of tulips, one tends to picture small, pretty, colorful flowers bending meekly across windswept fields. Declasse wants to replace this idyllic image with the raw power of a beastly muscle car. The Tulip is the newest addition to the game's huge selection of vehicles.

Visually based primarily on the 1972 Chevelle Malibu, a real classic, and the 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, the car is a real looker. It has extensive customization options, particularly in terms of hoods. With the price coming in at GTA$ 718,000 the Tulip isn't a particularly expensive car, though the upgrades and customization can push it to one million.

If you want to earn big this week, get ready for some flying or a trip down memory lane. All Smuggler's Run cargo missions pay out double GTA$, and you can earn twice as much cash and RP by playing a number of classic Adversary Modes. The modes included in the promo are Tiny Racers, Dawn Raid, Overtime Rumble and Power Mad. We don't quite understand Rockstar's use of "classic" in this case since these are all newer modes, but if that's what they want to call them then so be it.

To match your new Declasse Tulip muscle car, you can unlock a special Declasse Girl T-Shirt in GTA Online simply by logging into the game between now and the 21st of January. This shirt joins a number of in-game car manufacturer logo shirts that were given away as log-in rewards recently.

In terms of discounts we're getting a slightly narrower selection this week, but in fairness this is just the restoration of the status quo. The items on discount are none the less useful however. Hangars, which are necessary to benefit from the double payouts on Smuggler's Run content, are 40% off. The B-11 Strikeforce and HVY Menacer are 25% off, the Nagasaki Havoc, the LF-22 Starling and the Overflod Autarch are 35% off and the Pegassi Tezeract, the Ocelot Swinger and the Enus Stafford are 30% off.

Players can expect more Arena War content coming to GTA Online in the upcoming weeks.


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