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Declasse Scramjet, New Adversary Mode Available In GTA Online

Speeding into Grand Theft Auto Online today is yet another pop-culture reference, backed up by a new take on an old Adversary Mode featuring it prominently.

Joining the new content are ways to make extra cash, discounts and even a new set of liveries that can be yours for simply logging into the game.

The all-new Declasse Scramjet is a custom weaponized vehicle based on none other than the iconic Mach 5 from the Speed Racer anime series, which spawned an embattled live-action adaptation. By default, only its shape and capabilities belie its origins. But it comes in white and yes, there is a livery very closely resembling the red accents on the Mach 5.

The Scramjet is decked out to rival the source material it is based on. With a pair of front-facing machine guns, four missile launchers, rocket boost and the Ruiner 2000's jumping ability, this isn't a car to be trifled with. Rockstar even paid attention to which manufacturer they assigned the vehicle, as the prototype Mach 5 prop car was built on a Chevrolet car as a base, with Declasse being the stand-in for Chevy in the GTAverse.

A car this decked out it bound to cost. The Scramjet will lighten your virtual wallet by GTA$ 4,628,400, however you can push that price down to GTA$ 3,480,000 by winning a round of the newest Adversary Mode that features the ride. While that is still a steep price, you shave off more than a million with that one victory which is definitely worth it.

Speaking of the new Adversary Mode - Hunting Pack (Remix) is, as its name implies, a new version of an existing mode. Hunting Pack never quite reached the level of popularity other modes like Slasher or Deadline, but it was a fun little mode that forced a runner to maintain a given speed lest they explode while defenders protected them from attackers hell-bent on slowing them down.

The new Remixed version brings a new selection of vehicles to the teams, including the new Declasse Scramjet as the ride of the attacking team. The runner will be driving an MTL Dune and defenders are given Vigilantes. The new mode will be paying out double rewards this week, and Rockstar has hinted at more Remixed versions of classic Adversary Modes coming in the next few weeks.

To celebrate this new mode, all players who log in this week will be treated to a Hunting Camo livery for both their Avenger and Akula. Additionally, Nightclub popularity gain from management missions has been doubled, making it much easier to keep popularity maxed out and that passive GTA$ income milked.

30% is the universal discount this week covering a range of fine vehicles, including cars, aircraft and weaponized rides. 15 vehicles are on offer with highlights being the Progen GP1, the Benefactor Turreted Limo, the Mammoth Avenger and the Mammoth Hydra Buckingham Akula.

Check back next week to find out what other Adversary Modes Rockstar is remixing!

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