Declasse Granger 3600LX Arrives In GTA Online

New week, new bonuses, new drip-feed. Rockstar Games is delivering the goods to Grand Theft Auto Online on schedule, with some freebies, a bunch of discounts and all sorts of ways to earn yourself silly being now available as part of this week's event cycle.

The new ride is the hefty Declasse Granger 3600LX, a high-end SUV for the discerning problem-solver. The Los Santos elite won't take your offers to discreetly fix whatever issues they might have seriously unless you show up in a ride that looks the part.

Elegant and efficient while also serving the role of blatant status symbol, the Granger 3600LX is a canvas on which you can paint with a vast suite of upgrades available to make it a little more than meets the eye, like missile lock-on jammers. You can pick one up now for GTA$1,380,000 from Southern San Andreas Super Autos, or for GTA$1,035,000 at Trade price.


Playing through The Contract's finale and retrieving Dr. Dre's stolen phone with his unreleased music this week will earn you double the usual GTA$ and RP reward for your efforts, alongside unlocking the Low Santos Fitted Cap. Meanwhile, Bike Races are paying triple rewards, plus Biker Business payouts and rewards for Club Work are doubled.

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Returning Adversary Mode in this week's rotation Every Bullet Counts is also paying out triple rewards if you are up for a bit of frantic PvP action. It's also a great time to hitch into someone wealthier, as all Associates, Bodyguards and Prospects get to unlock a free Nagasaki White Hoodie.

The Karin Previon is this week's Prize Ride vehicle that you can drive off with if you successfully complete the challenge, while the Pfister Growler, Dinka Jester RR, and Annis Euros are waiting for you on the Test Track to take them for a spin. Speaking of spinning, the Progen T20 is sitting on the Diamond Casino & Resort's turntable this week, so give that Lucky Wheel a twirl!

Discounts this week include half-off on all turbo tuning upgrades for bikes, 40% off clubhouses, 50% off several Bikers Businesses, 60% off the Declasse Voodoo Custom, 40% off the Hakuchou Drag (set to get an overhaul) and 50% off the Nagasaki Stryder.


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