The Declasse Drift Yosemite Careens Into GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online's impressive selection of vehicles has been expanded once again with a highly customizable pick-up truck based on a fan favorite. Alongside the new wheels, a selection of bonuses and discounts are on offer to entertain you this week, as well as a fresh chance to grab a free vehicle.

The Declasse Drift Yosemite takes the iconic pick-up truck and ramps things up to a hundred. With significantly more customization options, the Drift Yosemite exists to be flashy. All sorts of visual upgrades, eye-catching liveries and intimidating custom bodywork add to the aura of this metal monster.


You can get your own Drift Yosemite right away, but be ready to empty your savings - the car costs GTA$ 1,308,000 and you'll still need to sink more cash into it with the customizations since the stock ride is pretty plain. The trade price is a bit more agreeable at GTA 981,000.

If your driving skills are up to snuff, you can save up enough for a fully decked out Drift Yosemite easily with this week's bonuses. All Rockstar Created Stunt Races, all Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series races and all Bandito RC Time Trials are paying out double GTA$ and RP through the 12th of February. If you are not a big racer, you can always shift gears and try out Business Battles, also paying out double.

The Grotti Furia is the Lucky Wheel vehicle prize of the week, but if fortune doesn't favor you, a number of other vehicles are discounted as well. The Truffade Thrax, the Annis RE-7B, the Annis S80RR, the Principe Deveste Eight and the Grotti Itali GTO are all 35% off, a discount shared by all garages as well.

A number of other vehicles are 40% off, including the Obey Omnis, the Progen GP1, the Emperor ETR1, the Vapid GB200, the Declasse Hotring Sabre and a wide selection of upgrades including brakes, handling, engine upgrades, suspension, turbo and liveries.

Aron Gerencser
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