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Deadline Triple Rewards In GTA Online This Week

Strap on your glowing jumpsuit and get ready to be digitized this week in Grand Theft Auto Online. A wide range of bonuses, including one of the best and most popular Adversary Modes, will help you earn big in Los Santos, while some great discounts are here to make sure you burn right through those earnings.

Though not the only bonus on offer this week, the triple rewards offered in the Deadline Adversary mode is the poster boy for the event. Not only is Deadline still one of the most played Adversary Mode in spite of its age, it is easily one of the best designed PvP modes. Plus, you need to play a match to unlock the fantastic Shotaro bike for purchase - what's not to love?

If you tire for derezzing your opponents all the time, or simply prefer other activities in GTA Online, you won't be missing out on the bonuses. Bikers Businesses are twice as lucrative this week as usual, so make sure your cocaine lockup is cranking out powder so you can grind those sell missions. If you want to show off instead of hide from the authorities, you're also in luck with Stunt Races paying out 2x rewards all week.

While it isn't paying out more than usual, it's worth jumping into Arena War this week while representing your preferred design style. Rockstar is tallying how many people play each kind - Apocalypse, Future Shock or Nightmare - and the one with most fans is getting a 50% discount next week.

Stunt racing, selling contraband and beating out other drivers in sci-fi bike duels is tiring work, so why not hop down to the Diamond Casino for some relaxation. While you're there, give the Lucky Wheel a spin, since you have the chance to win a free Progen GP1 this week.

Since many of you will be playing Deadline this week, chances are some of you will only now unlock the Nagasaki Shotaro. Either way, the bike's popularity is bound to soar, so Rockstar slashed its price by 35%. The same discount applies to the Grotti X80 Proto, Imponte Ruiner 2000 and Nagasaki Blazer Aqua. Meanwhile the Declasse Tulip, Western Rampant Rocket and Vapid Clique are all 40% off.


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