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Deadline And Bikers Bonuses In GTA Online This Week

You might be wondering why Rockstar is blasting crispy new marketing material advertising an over three year old vehicle from Grand Theft Auto Online.

The Nagasaki Shotaro isn't, in fact, this week's newest vehicle, but it does take the spotlight in this week's series of bonuses, for whatever reason - it's not even a Tron anniversary.

The Shotaro is GTA Online's Tron homage, being a stylised light-cycle and the star of its own Adversary Mode. Deadline is essentially the original Tron game transplanted wholesale into GTA Online. Your Shotaro pulls a trail of light behind it, and touching it causes your enemies - or you - to be "derezzed". Four players are dropped into an arena with the goal of being the last driver standing.

The mode has been spiced up a bit with power ups, and is one of the best Adversary Modes in the game to date. If that isn't enough to get you playing, maybe the 3x GTA$ and RP bonus that applies to it this week will get you invested. Playing one round of Deadline is also required to unlock the Shotaro bike in free roam.

Incidentally, the Shotaro happens to be the vehicle that's spinning on the podium over at the Diamond Casino & Resort this week, giving players a chance to grab their very own light-cycle completely free, provided the Lucky Wheel is kind to them.

Alongside Deadline, you can also earn triple rewards by completing Business Battles. Not only are they a great way to stock up your warehouse for CEO work, but they pay out a pretty penny by default as well, and even more so through the 18th of March.

There is a prevalent theme of bikes when it comes to this week's discounts. You can pick up Bikers Business properties and their upgrades with a 40% discount or augment your Clubhouse with a Custom Bike Shop for 35% less than full price. The Western Rampant Rocket and Hachukou Drag are 35% off and the Oppressor MK II is 30% off.


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