Users Of D3SK1NG GTA Online Hack Struck With Huge Ban Wave

While hacking in GTA Online today is a significantly smaller issue than it was in 2016, some prominent mod menus are still active. However, thanks to a massive ban wave yesterday, the number of these menus has decreased and a multitude of users of one particular paid hack were struck down.

Reported by (now former) users of the D3SK1NG mod menu, almost the entire userbase of this particular hack have had their GTA Online accounts suspended, which as per the new banning policies means their progress, money and items have also been wiped.

Why these script kiddies haven't been slapped with a permanent ban according to the policies is beyond us, but it seems, at this stage, that they've only incurred 30-day suspensions.


This was the result of either the folks working on the hack slipping up big time or Rockstar breaking through whatever means of remaining undetected they used.

Either variation is a huge blemish on the menu's reputation, especially considering it's a paid affair. D3SK1NG was fairly popular due to its low price. Former users report that the developers claim to be once again undetected, but after such a huge banwave a lot of confidence (and business) will have been lost.

So-called mod menus have been the primary form of hacking in GTA Online since the game's release.

Around 90% of the "hackers" you'll meet in-game have absolutely zero tech expertise and just shelled out cash for a paid mod menu developed by professional hackers. In some situations Rockstar has managed to go after the developers themselves, however often times they work through proxies making legal action nigh impossible.

These menus have been dirtying the reputation of legitimate mods, created for use in single player only, for years now by stealing and appropriating their name. Rockstar's recent crackdown on hacking, which has made exploits a rare occurrence, also imposed tight restrictions on legitimate mods, further showing how the illegal alteration of GTA Online hurts the overall Grand Theft Auto 5 community.

There are still a handful of hack menus out there, but it's only a matter of time before Rockstar finds a way to get rid of them, either through banning their users en masse or going after them via legal means.

Earlier this year GTA Online managed to wrestle itself up from being one of the most commonly exploited games to being fairly decent in cheat prevention, and Online has remained pretty much clean since. Hopefully the developers have learned a lesson with their utilization of P2P servers though and will go the centralized route with the multiplayer mode of Red Dead Online.

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