Is Cristiano Ronaldo the Next Big Thing for GTA?

GTA V has seen its share of high profile guest stars since it launched. Thanks to mods, the likes of the Joker, Superman, Iron Man and other famous characters from other works of fiction have run amok in the streets of Los Santos. However this time around, it wasn't mods, but the impressive animation skills of one Youtuber that have brought a real-world celebrity to GTA V, and he has a penchant for football-induced mayhem.


Cristiano Ronaldo is probably the most well known name in football. Before any football fans bite my head off, let me say right now that I don't know bloody about football, or football celebrities. And for people like me who don't follow this sport in any way, shape or form, this guy's name is most likely the most well known, so keep your angry fan-rages to yourself.

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To business. One Youtuber, who is particularly adept at using the Cinema4D modelling and animation software, has teleported Ronaldo into GTA V, to the city of Los Santos. In the clip Ronaldo is then free to do the kinds of things dirty rich celebrities with no accountability do.

In the video, the after-animated Ronaldo shows off some of his signature moves (at least I assume he does. I wouldn't know), except instead of shooting a football into a goal, this time around he knocks a guy off his bike with a brutal headshot. He also visits a number of locations iconic to GTA, such as the magical barber shops where you leave with more hair than you entered with, plus you get a new beard to go with it. The rest of the video is filled with stealing cars, driving recklessly, and walking around like a constipated robot.


Despite is showing in a few scenes that the Ronaldo model was inserted in post, the animation work on this video is amazingly well done. Would you guys play a FIFA/GTA crossover? LOL


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