Crew Hierarchies and GTA Online


Rockstar Games has just revealed the details of a new Social Club feature for GTA Online – Crew Hierarchies.

Hierarchies is a system for Social Club Crews and essentially allows the Crew Leader to assign special ranks to members and designate Crew management responsibilities. It is also a tool that can be used to ensure loyalty to the Crew and performance are rewarded.

The new ranking system has five levels, as follows (with Muscle being the default):

  1. Leader: The sole leader of the Crew with full administrative and management powers.
  2. Commissioners: Second only to the Crew Leader, Commissioners can manage all aspects of the Crew on behalf of the Leader, including promoting (or demoting) members and inviting other people to join the Crew. Consider it the role of VP.
  3. Lieutenants: These guys can hand out promotions or demotions only to those Crew members that are lower than them in the hierarchy.
  4. Representatives: While Representatives can’t promote, demote or invite, they do have special roles and privileges that enable them to assist in promotion efforts. These guys are proven members of the Crew.
  5. Muscle: Muscle is exactly that – they like causing havoc online and doing their Crew proud, with no responsibilities other than that!

The new Crew Hierarchies feature is live now so make sure you check it out prior to GTA 5 being released on September 17 and GTA Online going live on October 1.

Trevor Phillips
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