Craziest GTA V Modded Vehicle Pack Available

GTA V's modding community is constantly growing with new prospective modders chipping in with their own new ideas on how to add-to or improve on the game.

An extremely wide range of mods are available from texture packs, through game-modes, vehicles, graphical mods and skins all the way to new locations and maps.

The most popular GTA V mods currently are by far those which add high-res models of existing cars to replace the fantasy-vehicles currently present in the vanilla game. However, the creativity can be found in the feature mods and unusual vehicle packs.



As far as crazy vehicle packs go, there is no shortage. We've seen cars resembling the Doof Wagon from Mad Max: Fury Road or the four-wheeled tribute to Zoolander.

However, what about a mod that not only adds some of the most wacky and insane vehicles any mod has had the courage to do, but allows any user to create their own hybrid rides easily?

KeyWest2014's Crafted Vehicles does just that. Not only does it add some otherworldly vehicles, it adds a relatively easy to use vehicle-crafting feature.


Sure, a commercial jet with a tank on the front and blimps on the end of each wing will make anyone go wow. Sure, a heavily armored, turreted 4x4 will turn some heads.

However, where this mod really shines is the vehicle crafting.

Basically, what this allows you to do is to combine the in-game models of the existing vehicles into one. You can mix and match models from any type of vehicle, using all of their features. Sticking a tank into a fighter will allow you ti pilot the jet while firing the turret of the tank (realism and physics be damned).

The mod comes pre-loaded with a few of the author's own creations, such as the mentioned jumbo-jet and hydra-tank. The others include various car-hybrids, an odd speedboat-submarine mixture and a double-rotored-tank-helicopter.


You can use the vehicle spawner feature to spawn in the building blocks of your own crafted rides, place them to your heart's desire and save your creations for future use.

Presumably this mod is also compatible with other vehicle mods, allowing you to use those in your own creations as well. How about mixing the Batmobile with the Doof Wagon? Or various Star Wars vehicles mashed together?

This is one of those mods the potential of which lies in the effects it can have on other mods.

Feel free to share some of your insane GTA Online crafted vehicles!

Aron Gerencser
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