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Control GTA V With Your Voice (Mod)

GTA V's modding community is hell bent on turning Rockstar's blockbuster open-world crime game into a perfect Virtual/Augmented reality experience. Various modders have put together ways to partially control GTA V with your eyes, to enable hand-tracking using third-party VR controllers and to control the in-game phone with your actual phone. VR and AR is the new wave of advancement sweeping the game industry as progress in terms of graphics has stagnated for years. Regardless of how realistic the visuals may become, looking at a screen will only ever get so immersive.


The most recent attempt to make GTA V a smoother and more immersive experience by adding voice commands comes to us from PIGGS, a veteran modder. The mod is significantly simpler and more accessible than all of the other VR related GTA V mods, as the only kind of hardware it needs is a microphone. No expensive eye-trackers, motion controllers or Arduino boards. Most of you will already have a microphone in your webcams or headphones, so you'll be able to use this mod immediately.


For the mod to work, you'll need the latest version of ScriptHookV, and the complementary ScriptHookVDotNet as well as NativeUI. If you've got these three set up properly, all you need to is install the mod and you're good to go. A full list of voice commands can be found in the readme file. The commands range from regular interactions all the way to activating the various cheats the game is famous for, as well as a few new ones added in the mod.


The mod also features a regular menu, allowing you to tweak some settings to make things smoother when you actually do use your voice. This mod can help with multi-tasking and reaction times, plus it makes the game a whole lot more immersive and engaging.

Do you hope the next GTA game will have official VR integration?


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