Contradictory GTA V Information After Heists Launch


Yesterday, it finally happened: heists arrived for GTA Online. This update brought many new features, including some not mentioned in the official notes, such as the ability to shoot RPGs and sniper rifles out of a helicopter, which one user even recorded as a short demonstration.

Unfortunately, the launch of the heists themselves hasn’t gone as smoothly as fans anticipated. As is sometimes the case when an online game sees a sudden rush of interest, Rockstar’s servers have struggled to handle it, with numerous issues as a result. The new vehicles added to GTA Online haven’t appeared in GTA V’s single-player mode, and it’s unclear if this is intentional or not. Lots of people contacted Rockstar about it, and while some received responses saying it’s just a bug, others were told the opposite.

Many people haven’t been able to try the heists at all because of the server problems, and the possibility that they can’t enjoy the new vehicles offline only makes matters worse. Rockstar announced this morning that the servers were fixed, but the situation still seems shaky.

Despite the message that all is well, the official support page lists connectivity issues for all four consoles. This status has changed throughout the day.

While you wait for the servers to really get back online, take a look at one fan’s parody video and let us know if it matches your experience with heists in GTA Online so far.

This isn’t the first time GTA Online’s servers have had problems, and we’re sure Rockstar is working on fixing this as soon as possible. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

Samantha Lienhard
Long-time staffer Sam might have been relatively new to the world of Grand Theft Auto when she joined, but has quickly caught up to speed on the world of Los Santos and all that it entails. You’ll find most of her posts in the news section, while she also maintains many of the other guides and other information pages you’ll find scattered around the site.


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