Contact Missions Pay Double In GTA Online This Week

Get ready to take some calls in Grand Theft Auto Online this week, and have your vehicles shape shift right under you with the bonuses being offered. Additionally, you can also pick up a tidy paycheck if you hire yourself out to some local crime lord. With all of these extra earning opportunities around, you'll have plenty of cash to blow on weekly discounts.

The constant ringing of the in-game phone annoying players has become something of a community inside joke over the years, but this week answering the call is worth it. All contact missions, including those that have been in the game since the very beginning, as well as those added in DLC later on, are paying out double GTA$ and RP rewards through the 14th of October.


If you tire from playing the narrative backbone of GTA Online, join up with a VIP or CEO - Bodyguards and Associates get triple the usual salary this week. Not double, triple, making it actually worth your while for a change. Should less conventional thrills tickle your fancy, now would be a good time to hop into the exceptionally excessive Transform Races, which too are paying out 3x rewards.

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Players who want their character to display the same troubling level of brand loyalty as the average Apple super-fan are in luck. Simply logging into GTA Online this week will unlock the exclusive Fruit logo t-shirt, sporting the "THINK simple" slogan used to parody the tech company in the GTA universe.

Speaking of free stuff, you can win a Lampadati Tigon with a special livery pre-applied at the Diamond's Lucky Wheel this week, so remember to spin every day. If you are in the market for some fancy housing, or need more garage space for your vehicles, you're in luck - high end apartments and all garage properties are 40% off.

The Dinka Sugoi and Blista Kanjo are also 40% off, while the JB700W and Maxwell Vagrants are discounted by 30%. You can also pick up all three lazer weapons at 40% off this week.


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