Combining GTA V with some Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad, the record-smashing TV series about a high school teacher who starts cooking meth, and Grand Theft Auto V, the next iteration in the record-smashing video game series that this website happens to be dedicated to, have much in common. Both are extremely popular, both feature plenty of violence and other crime, and both feature guys pretending to be from pest control.

Breaking Bad


Grand Theft Auto V


That said, why not combine both much-loved sources of entertainment into one? Just as Redditor mdridwan has done with his creation below.


Edit: we also found this piece of artwork by kezekia over at DeviantArt:


While some sort of official partnership or other relationship between the two is extremely unlikely, it wouldn’t surprise us if Rockstar Games included a few Breaking Bad easter eggs in GTA V. In fact we already found one in the image below (taken from one of the trailers – Trevor about to jack a car from Heisenberg). Surely, there’ll be a meth lab or two lying around the Grand Theft Auto V map?


The second half of season 5 of Breaking Bad will premiere on August 11 while GTA 5 will be released on September 17. We can’t wait for either!

Trevor Phillips
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  1. A few easter eggs would be OK but I don’t want to see any more than that!!! The image above of Hesienberg is enough…