Client & Contact Missions Pay Double In GTA Online

This week in Grand Theft Auto Online you can earn twice as much GTA$ and RP as usual on a wide array of activities, while discounts spur you to open up your own nightclub business as seen in the After Hours update. Some other goods are on sale as well, giving you a chance to reward yourself for your hard work.

Contact Missions are some of the narratively-driven activities that players spend time with early on in GTA Online, when they are still small-time criminals. Gaining RP to grab those essential unlocks while saving up cash for the next level of play is a stage we all go through. Though we might have moved on to bigger things like Heists, CEO work, weapons smuggling or saving the world, the good old Contact Missions are what let us climb to the top.


So this week it's time for a bit of nostalgia with our contacts. Returning characters from story mode, Lamar, Trevor, Martin, Gerald, Simeon, Lester and Ron will be paying out twice as much cash and RP for completing their missions. Client Jobs, Dispatch mission and all Rockstar-created Stunt Races also pay double.

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Discounts this week slash the prices on all nightclubs allowing you to get in on that passive income generated by high popularity. All nightclubs and add-ons are 30% off. If you prefer more action-packed business opportunities and run-down bars instead of flashy discos, Bikers Businesses and Clubhouses are 35% off, as are upgrades for the former.

A series of high-end vehicles have been discounted by 25-30%. Highlights include the Pegassi Oppressor MK II, the Pfister Neon, the Vapid Flash GT and the Pegassi Zentorno. Additionally, all Lowriders and Lowriders: Custom Classics vehicle upgrades are discounted, meaning you no longer need to break the bank in order to pimp your rides.

This is the first event week in a long time with no new content at all. No log-in reward t-shirts, no liveries, no new vehicles, no Adversary Modes or even remixed version of old Adversary Modes. Just the double rewards bonuses and the discounts - this takes us back to the 2015-2016 era of GTA Online when this was common.

Check back next week to see if Rockstar has anything new in store for players. We know for a fact that DLC support will continue, we just don't know in what form.


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