Check Out the GTA VI Fake Trailer “Fooling” Everyone

The stars have not aligned, the sky is not falling, the end of the world is not nigh. Equally, the rapture is not coming to pass, the great spirit has not awakened and GTA VI didn’t get its first trailer.

Sure, someone tried to make you think that the first GTA VI trailer had arrived, and they did a really, really bad job, but countless people still believed it! The video popped up quite recently and has already made the rounds on the web as anything with “GTA VI” is bound to be getting clicks nowadays (funny this sentence should appear in this article, oh well…). The trailer for an un-confirmed and un-announced game was always going to rack up the views.


Well, to the genuine surprise of absolutely nobody, the trailer is a fake! A really quite obvious fake for anyone with even the slightest inkling of knowledge regarding video games and Grand Theft Auto.

To start off, the first version misspelled “Rockstar” (LOL), so the whole thing failed there and then. While this particular mistake has since been rectified, the rest of the video isn’t much more convincing. It starts off in New York Liberty City, then warps to a desert landscape with a drifting Mustang, then there are shots of an obviously European town, and then random villas and mansions.

One, GTA probably won’t be seeing licensed vehicles. Two, the next GTA is unlikely to go to Europe. Three, the video description states that the game will be set in Vice City, and yet nothing but the (very poorly made) logo has any relation to the Vice City theme.

It is quite obvious that Rockstar has no intention of releasing the next GTA game, which shouldn’t even be a numbered installment anyway, as early as 2017. Clearly they are taking their time with GTA Online, focusing resources on that instead of a new game.

We really hope the GTA VI “trailer” didn’t fool any of you guys!

Aron Gerencser
Aron is responsible for the bulk of the news posts that you’ll find on GTA BOOM each and every day. He loves getting involved with the community and is an avid fan of all things Rockstar Games. When not covering GTA news, playing an RPG or anything sci-fi related, Aron spends his time working on his novel.


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