Cheat Limitations in GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V, a game that’s only increased in popularity since its initial release in 2013, has all of the elements that have made GTA games popular in the past. But for all of the praise it has received as the best GTA game yet, there are some players who miss certain aspects of previous titles in the series.

Cheat codes have been one of the most popular gameplay elements for fans of Grand Theft Auto V, primarily because of cheat codes’ ability to manipulate the gameplay and enable the player to have more fun – like using cheats to activate things such as moon gravity, invincibility, and weather changes.


However many fans of GTA V have been disappointed with some of the cheats in it, mainly because of certain limitations placed upon their use. For example, if you use the cheat code for invincibility, you can expect your invincibility to run out after five minutes, which can be very frustrating if you’re in the middle of a situation where invincibility is necessary to do what you want (imagine a shoot-out versus 20 cops!). Other fans are frustrated by the super jump cheat disabling once your character moves into an internal structure.

Part of the design of GTA V obviously included these limitations, but it’s curious as to why Rockstar decided to take this route with the cheat codes, especially since there were no limitations on the cheat codes in previous games in the Grand Theft Auto series. One of the aspects players often enjoyed most in previous titles in the series was the ability to turn the world into absolute chaos and yet walk away unscathed because of cheat codes. Some fans have speculated that Rockstar included cheat code limitations in order to make GTA 5 a little more realistic and present more of a challenge to players who often rely on cheat codes to get them out of sticky situations.


Whatever the reason for the inclusion of cheat code limitations in Grand Theft Auto V, fans of the game are definitely frustrated, especially fans who have been playing GTA games for years. While not every GTA game has the same cheat codes built in, there are definitely some that fans have gotten used to, and that importantly that worked without limitations. Five-minute invincibility is a new concept and is hard to see as a step up from the unlimited invincibility of the past. Perhaps Rockstar will remove these limitations in the next instalment of the series to give players the level of control they once enjoyed.

Be sure to let us know which cheat limitations in GTA V (if any) have frustrated you by commenting below.

Trevor Phillips
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  1. the money issue really bugs me as i too have almost spent all their money and haven’t even brought all available property’s. Also the one thing I’d like to see is cheats that spawn the two planes in the military base that are VERY hard to get and the rhino or give us cheats that make it easier to raid the base. the invincibility cheat may prevent you from getting hurt for 5 minutes but does squat to protect the thing your driving/flying from being shot to pieces or shot down.

    In San Andreas you could spawn the hydra through cheats but the military base was easy to break into and steal one, as the hydras also had countermeasures for the missiles but it was easy to out run them.

  2. since money making options are limited after you complete the story line, it would be great if rockstar could enable a money cheat, or just make it so that nothing costs money. i have used up about half of the 32 mil that each guy gets in the end. i dont want to replay the main story again if the 3 bastards get broke again.

  3. When it comes down to cheat limitations, there’s a lot that bugs me. One is of course what you mentioned of the invincibility cheat. Why only 5 minutes? And whats even worse is that if you’re in the water and you see the great white shark, it can still kill you even with the cheat activated. There’s other stuff that gets me upset when it comes down to limitations. But I’m also mad as to some cheat they got rid of. For one, in gta san andreas, there was a freeze wanted level cheat and with it, however many stars you have(even none), it stays there and doesn’t grow, even if you kill a cop. They sorta put that in gta online with the cops turn a blind eye thing when you call lester but i want something like that in the story mode too. And not one that lasts 3 minutes. Have it unlimited. And i miss the cheat where all cars blow up. There’s a lot of cheats i miss. I hope rockstar one days posts that they are accepting any and all comments, questions and concerns by gta fans and actually listen and give us what we want. Sorry this is dumb long.