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Celebrating The Warriors With GTA Online Custom Jobs


Ten years ago Rockstar released a game developed by their Toronto studio and which was based on a movie from 1979, which, in turn, was based on a book from 1965. The Warriors follows the titular street gang (after they've been implicated in a murder during a gang summit) as they journey through hostile territories in New York City in order to get back to home turf. Rockstar's adaptation added prequel elements, as well as taking place during the events of the film, and was a 3D beat 'em up available on the Playstation 2, Playstation Portable, Playstation 3 and original Xbox.


To celebrate the tenth birthday of the critically acclaimed game, Rockstar prompted players to create the best custom job based on the classic film they could, and now they've published the top contenders on the Newswire.

Playstation players can treat themselves to a TDM set in Lake Vinewood Estates titled "The Warriors 2014". With sticky bombs aplenty, you'll be in for quite the ride. Sticking with the TDM mode, another location where you can duke it out (again, sticky bombs) is the LSIA Parking Station, reminiscent of the subway from the film in "THE WARRIORS Transit". Finally, "THE WARRIORS LS CHAPTER", once again a TDM, is the smart man's job, as the Del Pierro Pier location requires quite some strategy.

Xbox gamers have a bit more variety to chose from, as first up they've got "The Warriors did it...", a four-team game of capture set on the Del Pierro Pier. After this little tangent we swing right back to TDMs with "The Warriors", a melee brawl set on Vespucci Beach. Finally, relive the epic final mission of the game in "The Warriors: Ending" with a brutal melee LTS, once again at Del Pierro Pier.


GTA V fans fond of KB+M's first job will be pleased to find it is also available on the Xbox 360. "The Warriors Bus Scene" is a game of capture, where both teams have a bus for quick delivery - or death. Melee mayhem graces the PC with "The Warriors, Gang Brawl", another TDM. Just in case all this variety has you worried, the last PC job is an LTS titled "The Warriors", set at, you guessed it, Del Pierro Pier.

Any The Warriors fans reading?


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