Celebrate Independence Day In GTA Online With New DLC

Rockstar Games is beginning Independence Day celebrations early with some thematic DLC in GTA Online, as well as other miscellaneous additions to the game.

The in-game celebrations have already begun and will last beyond the 4th of July too, so you'll have plenty of time to join in if you don't plan on spending actual Independence Day in front of your PC or console.


Kicking off the post-Gunrunning series of micro-DLC is a new futuristic supercar. The Dewbauchee Vagner is the newest addition to a long line of concept vehicles in GTA Online. It costs GTA$ 1,535,000 which isn't too steep, but still puts it in the higher price category.

That said, you'll be well rewarded for the expenditure, as the Vagner is the second fastest car in the entire game, and in many tracks, the best racer. One and a half million doesn't sound too bad for what may be the best car in the game.

Rockstar also introduced a new Adversary Mode called Dawn Raid. It seems like a mashup of CEO activities and Gunrunning content, brewed into its own separate mode. Two opposing teams of maximum six players will jump from a plane, Drop Zone style, into a designated combat area, at night time.

Once on the ground, players will need to use the Trackify phone app to locate crates, while also trying to prevent the other team from doing the same, invariably by shooting them. Since it's night time, the thermal and night vision attachments on the guns you're using - which made their debut in Gunrunning - will be useful in accomplishing that last bit.

While some players have described Dawn Raid as being cobbled together from randomly selected elements of existing mechanics and gameplay elements, we think the ingredients work well together and offer a more complex experience than they do individually.

To help players celebrate the 4th of July in Los Santos, Rockstar has brought back all the content from the original Independence Day DLC too, at a discount.

The Patriot and Liberator are both temporarily available for purchase at 25% off, and the fan favorite fireworks launcher alongside the musket are back too, with the same discount.

This year Rockstar also brought some new content to the table, with hyper-patriotic red, white and blue liveries for the Mobile Operations Center and the MK2 weapons.

In a less thematic vein, logging in between now and the 10th of July will also unlock two Rockstar Noise t-shirts in-game, which are also available in real life through the Rockstar Warehouse.

Additionally, Docktease is hosting a massive sale on all products. The gargantuan yachts are all discounted, allowing you to acquire a Pisces for 25% off, an Orion for 30% off and an Aquarius for 35% off. If you want to personalize your newly bought status symbol, all yacht modifications are 50%. off. Everything else falls under a universal 25% discount.

A rather random addition is 25% off on all Cunning Stunts clothing items and tattoos.

Whether you're celebrating Independence Day with a wicked fast supercar or a patriotic MOC, let the rest of Los Santos know that you bleed red, white and blue

Aron Gerencser
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