Cayo Perico Heist Easter Egg Reignites Vice City / GTA 6 Rumors

A minor easter egg recently discovered in Grand Theft Auto Online has energized fans due to its potential relevance to GTA 6 and reference to one of the most popular and likely rumors concerning the setting of the next game in the series.

The Panther Varsity Jacket is a unique piece of clothing in GTA Online that was launched to commemorate the community's immense success in smashing the Heist Challenge goal back in 2020. While a stylish piece of clothing in its own right, the main point of interest is the text on its's back.


"Hostes Ad Pulverem Ferire" is emblazoned on the jacket, which is pseudo-latin for "Pulverize the enemy". A couple of fans with keen memories remembered that this isn't the first time the phrase appeared in a GTA game - two, to be exact, these being Vice City and Vice City Stories.

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The phrase is engraved on the facade of a courthouse in Vice City, which many rumors and some unconfirmed leaks have pegged as the location of the next GTA title, which we know is in early development.

Rockstar is known for biding their time with new releases, but it has been a while since the launch of GTA 5 and the separation of Online into a standalone game later this month indicates the company is ready to move forward.

The overall design of the jacket carries some more hints, if you are keen on digging into it. Not counting the London spinoffs, GTA Vice City was the fourth game in the series and the jackets has a "4" embroidered on it. The pink diamond motif also evokes the primary color theme of Vice City.

A bit more of a stretch, but many fans were also keenly reminded of the character Gonzalez who appears in Vice City by Gustavo, also appearing in the Cayo Perico heist. Between the numerous rumors and now Rockstar's hints, we're fairly confident Vice City may show up in the next game.


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