Cash In On GTA Online VIP Mission Glitch

It seems that the VIP mode of the Executives and Other Criminals DLC for GTA Online is teeming with lucrative glitches just waiting to be found. Add to that a week long event that doubles RP and $GTA rewards on all VIP jobs and this glitch is going to make becoming rich much easier. Plus, combining this with the VIP timer glitch will result in massive amounts of cash before the event is over, so you better get grinding! If you spend this week grinding VIP missions, then you won't have to bothwe grinding anything else for a good long time once the event is over.


In addition to the VIP timer, all VIP jobs are on a several minute cool-down which can reach as high 8 minutes. Considering that most jobs can be completed in less time, even solo (especially when taking into account this method), that's a lot of lost money. With this glitch, you can zero out the cool-downs.


Granted, it does take a minute or two as well, but it's still much faster than waiting for the cool-downs. A few minutes may not seem like much at first, but if you take the whole week due to the event, those minutes add up to a ton of cash.


Basically, all you need do is finish the VIP job, wait for the rewards to come through and instantly axe the internet. Yank out the cable (not recommended), turn off the modem, whatever, just isolate your device from the outside world. Once this is done, reconnect, get back in the game. Voila, no cool-down. VIP jobs have become a great source of income in GTA Online, even when there isn't an event doubling their pay going on.

Have you guys already been grinding the VIP jobs in GTA Online for some cash?

Aron Gerencser
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