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Pick Up A Cash Bonus And Grab The New V-STR In GTA Online

Rockstar revealed Grand Theft Auto Online's record-breaking holiday season earlier this week and some new content and bonuses have hit the game today. You can pick up a new car and make some of the money back by simply logging in this week!

The Albany V-STR is an all-new luxury sports sedan based heavily on the Cadillac CTS-V, spiced up with some design elements lifted from Mercedes-Benz. This car is a perfect cruising vehicle for any self-respecting executive, with several elegant customization options available.

While the V-STR won't be breaking speed records in-game, it definitely has enough power to get you out of tight spots, or take you to key objectives hastily. Stylish and efficient, the V-STR comes with the surprisingly tame price-tag of GTA$ 1,285,000, most of which is covered by this week's free money giveaway.

Speaking of the free money giveaway, players can get up to GTA$ 2,000,000 over the course of the next two weeks, amounting to the largest in-game cash giveaway Rockstar has ever done. If you log into the game anytime this week, you'll get one million, and another million again next week provided you log in then too. The two together more than cover the new car, leaving some spending money as well.

The free money doesn't mean Rockstar slacked off on earning opportunities though. Several game modes are paying out larger sums this week. Target Assault Races, Motor Wars, Deadline and VIP/CEO Work and Challenges all pay out double RP and GTA$ through the 5th of February.

Additionally, a new vehicle is up for grabs in the Diamond Casino & Resort, but this time it isn't a car. If you score a vehicle reward on the Lucky Wheel this week, you'll get a free Pegassi Oppressor, the gliding little brother of the game's patented griefing machine, the Oppressor Mk. II.

This week's discounts are aimed at destruction, with a 40% markdown on several weaponized vehicles such as the Karin Technical Aqua, the HVY Menacer, the Declasse Weaponized Tampa as well as all weaponized vehicle workshops.


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