Can Destiny’s Sales Catch GTA V?

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The much-anticipated Destiny has now launched, with record-breaking success. Over $500 million worth of Destiny copies have been shipped to retail stores (which is not to say that many have been sold). This is a record for the launch of a new IP, which bodes well for Destiny’s future. According to the press release, Destiny has also had the highest day-one digital sales of any game so far.

Activision believes this to be the “next billion dollar brand,” and since it’s already halfway there, it’s probably true.

So how does this compare to GTA V? Grand Theft Auto was a well-established IP by 2013, so it’s not an exact comparison. Nevertheless, GTA V’s launch also broke records, with $800 million earned in its first day. It hit $1 billion in 3 days.

Now, GTA V’s $800 million is from actual sales, while Destiny’s $500 million is for copies shipped to retail stores. It’s an important difference. At the same time, however, Destiny isn’t too far behind, especially for a new IP compared to GTA’s established fanbase. If Destiny is well-received and if Activision turns it into a franchise, it has the potential to reach GTA’s level of success.

What do you think? Will Destiny catch up to GTA V?

Samantha Lienhard
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  1. Its not impossible, but VERY doubtful they will reach those figures. And remember, GTAV was released for current-gen consoles ONLY, the next gen versions have not yet been released, so watch out for that. I very much doubt Destiny will get near the GTAV sales, that game was/is still an absolute raging monster!