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Buzzer Beater And Toros Come To GTA Online Arena War

Following on the tail of Arena War's release, Grand Theft Auto Online is getting further new content.

With a new game mode for the Arena and a new vehicle for general use, we're back to the good old days of frequent weekly content. Beyond the new goods, players can also expect log-in rewards and discounts as usual.

The new game mode, Buzzer Beater, has players brave a dangerous race track on the Deathbike while a timer ticks back to an explosive death via the bomb attached to your vehicle. As you reach checkpoints, you gain a few precious seconds on the timer. Win by being the last rider riding. Buzzer Beater joins all other Arena War game modes in the weeklong double RP and GTA$ payout promotion.

GTA Online players also get a new car, because you can never have enough of those. The Pegassi Toros is a hyper-modern family SUV that lifts some design sentiments from futuristic concept supercars and packs them into a boxier body.

The Toros is a look into what the average suburban family may drive the next decade, provided the timeline turns out to be less Mad Max and more Deus Ex.

Players who log into GTA Online through the 24th of December - which is also when all other offers expire - will also get free Pegassi logo and Vapid logo t-shirts. Both on a simple white base, these logo shirts will let you represent your preferred brand of imaginary car.

Rockstar is also preparing players for the holiday season with festive additions. Player apartments are decorated, a Christmas Tree has been set up in Legion Square and the periodically re-appearing firework launcher and associated ammo is once again available.

Festive outfits have been released, and players who log in on Christmas eve stand to get a free gift in the form of a sweater and fireworks. Snow is making a return to Los Santos as well. The rare and highly anticipated phenomenon that only occurs twice a year - around Christmas and again around New Year's Eve - will be first observed this Friday.

Discounts are also applied to a number of vehicles. All Benny's upgrades are 30% off, while a wide range and variety of vehicles are 30%, 35% or 40% off. These include the Terrorbyte, the Dune FAV, the Vapid Ellie, the B-11 Strikeforce, the Truffade Adder and the Grotti Cheetah among others.

Check back next week to learn about the other festive additions to GTA Online.


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