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Business Week Brings The Cash To GTA Online

Rockstar Games named this newest weekly event Business Week but they might as well have called it giveaway week, because they're throwing log-in unlocks and free money at players. Oh, and they also released two new vehicles in GTA Online.

On top of all that, we also got double RP and GTA$ promotions, and discounts. With Rockstar so keen on handing players money, a big DLC might be brewing.

The devs may also be gunning for a new concurrent player record, as their giveaway tactic for this event encourages players to log in consistently. Everyone who logs in until 14th of May will get a one-time payout of GTA$ 250,000 the first time you do, and an additional GTA$ 150,000 each consecutive day. That adds up to a total of GTA$ 1,150,000 if you log into the game every day while the promo lasts. This is the largest free-money giveaway in the history of GTA Online.

Usually when Rockstar hands out free cash it acts as a forerunner of a particularly expensive DLC pack (the concept being that the free cash motivates players to spend it and what they have they saved up, leaving them broke for the DLC making Shark Cards more attractive), meaning GTA Online might very well get something significant early Summer.

We've been waiting for a major DLC in 2018, but so far only got small-time updates.

In addition to the money giveaway, three different double RP and GTA$ promotions will run throughout the event. All Contact Missions, all official Stunt Races and all Special Vehicle Circuit races will pay out double through the 14th. Rockstar really is eager to help players rack up cash in the game, which makes us already anticipate what kind of insane, flashy and over-the-top items will be present in the next major DLC for GTA Online. 

Players logging into the game will get more than cash. Two login rewards await all who fire up GTA Online before the 14th of May, which are the Vanilla Unicorn t-shirt and the black Ammu-nation Cap.

There is, however, some goods to spend that money on already, as this new event is accompanied by a mini-DLC bringing two drip feed cars to the game.

The Overflod Tyrant is a GTA$ 2,515,000 hypercar based on the Apollo Arrow. Visually your typical generic futuristic concept car, the Tyrant has fantastic acceleration with exceptional handling, a trait other vehicles tied to the Southern San Andreas Super Sports Series era of DLC do not share.

The Vapid Dominator GTX, on the other hand, is a much more sensibly priced modern take on the muscle car.

This beast looks absolutely divine, with a fresh and contemporary take on the design sensibilities of the great muscle classics of the 60's. It looks strong, mean but sleek and stylish. It has a whole lot of personality to boot, performs like a champ and only costs GTA$ 725,000. If you're only buying one vehicle this week, it's obvious which one it should be.

This event also boasts what may be the biggest selection of discount GTA Online has ever seen. Executive Officers, Bikers Clubhouses, Yachts and Yacht upgrades are all 50% off, Bunkers and Hangars are 40% off and Facilities are 30% off. If there ever was any DLC-specific property you haven't yet bought and thus missed out on a vast swath of content, now is the time to catch up.

All vehicles included in the sale have had their prices reduced by 30%. This illustrious list inlcudes the Mobile Operations Center, Armored Kuruma, Nagasaki Shotary, HVY Barrage, Ocelot Ardent, BF Dune FAV, Bravado Half-Track, BF Ramp Buggy, Cheval Taipan, Ocelot Pariah, Pegassi Tempesta, Grotti Cheetah, Grotti Stinger, Truffade Z-Type, Mammoth Avenger, FH-1 Hunter, Buckingham Akula and Western Company Seabreeze. Many of these vehicles are sought after, new, expensive, or all of the above, making these discounts particularly enticing.

See what we said about getting players to spend that free cash?

A vast array of upgrades spanning Mobile Operations Center upgrades, Mammoth Avenger renovations, Benny's custom upgrades, engine upgrades, brakes, handling upgrades, transmission upgrades, turbo, suspension and spoilers, are also all 30% off. The sole representative of Rockstar's (seemingly former) favored discount of 25% is the MK II weapon upgrades.

With such a wide range of discounts, the extent of the free money giveaway and the multiple options for earning double GTA$, it's very clear that Rockstar wants players to stack up on in-game cash quickly and easily. We hope to see an announcement for the DLC that we'll be funneling all that cash into soon.


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